Junk Removal

We offer commercial junk removal and hauling services throughout the Okanagan.

We regularly provide junk removal assistance to business owners, realtors, contractors, and property managers. With a team trained to dispose of workplace materials, job-site debris, and old equipment and vehicles, Brett and Buddies can provide the professional disposal services you need! 

Junk Removal

At Brett and Buddies, we know how easily junk can pile up.

Whether it’s clearing out your basement, or getting rid of debris from your yard, we can help dispose of household items, big or small! We specialize in clearing out old furniture, large household appliances, and vehicles. We have the trucks and the equipment to get the job done quickly, so get your house clutter-free, with Brett and Buddies

Is junk piling up? Let Brett & Buddies shoulder the load and get your house clutter-free!